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So, my Aunt Debbie asked me to knit a chemo hat for one of her former students. This brave young lady is 16 and battling cancer while trying to go to high school. So, when I was asked to knit her a hat, I jumped at the chance.
This is my VERY FIRST fair isle/stranded colorwork project, and I have NO IDEA why I have been so scared of attempting a fair isle project. Yeah, my working yarns get tangled, but if I untwist after every row, it’s much easier.
I’m feeling so proud of myself right now. :D
I’m following this pattern: Zig Zag Chevron Hat by Ashlee Schleicher

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  10. emmybunnie said: I was always afraid of fair isle but I picked up one of those free patterns at micheals for this cool hat and I did it and it’s perfect. Can’t wait to see the outcome of this!!! Such an awesome gift too!
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